Now That You’re Vaccinated

by | Feb 5, 2021

Congratulations on getting your COVID-19 vaccine! Thank you for doing  your part to move our community one step closer to healthy. Now that you’re vaccinated, you may have questions about what to expect and what you should do next. Our HCW HOSTED Epidemiology & Medical Anthropology Team has, in partnership with AZCOVIDTXT, created this vaccine one-sheet handout to help you in the days, weeks, and months following your initial COVID vaccine.

Here is what you can do now to continue to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community. (Español abajo.)

Download a printable version of this pdf: (download page 1 | pagina 1 en español) (download page 2 | pagina 2 en español).

Mark Nichter, PhD, MPH is Regents Professor Emeritus and former coordinator of the Graduate Medical Anthropology Training Program at UA. In addition to a Ph.D. in anthropology and a M.P.H. in International Health, Mark has postdoctoral training in cultural psychiatry and clinically applied anthropology. He holds joint appointments in the Departments of Family and Community Medicine and the College of Public Health. Mark has over 40 years of experience conducting a broad array of health-related research in Asia, Africa, and North America. He has served on three Institute of Medicine Panels, as a consultant for several International Health Organizations, and as a long term advisor to the International Network of Clinical Epidemiology. He leads our Epidemiology & Medical Anthropology team and serves on the Econometrics, Messaging, and Leadership teams.

Kacey Ernst, PhD, MPH is an infectious disease epidemiologist.  Her primary projects examine the environmental determinants of vector-borne disease transmission and control; primarily dengue and malaria.

She takes an active role in working with the local health departments to examine questions related to vaccine preventable diseases. Her work seeks to understand the reasons behind increasing vaccination exemption rates in Arizona and the development of programs to increase vaccination uptake. She is a core member of AZ COVID TXT.


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