“What happens if you and Daddy die?”

Apr 28, 2020

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Washington Post, by John Woodrow Cox — Children of doctors and nurses have kept anguished journals, written parents goodbye letters and created detailed plans in case they never see their moms or dads again


In Tucson, Kaya Dreifuss found her own way to cope.

The 10-year-old’s father, Brad, an emergency medicine physician, had launched an effort to aid people on the front lines in getting mental health support and finding comfortable housing away from their families. To help, Kaya, who’d just learned to sew, made fabric pouches–more than a dozen–and packed each with dried lavender. She gave them to her dad to sell so he could raise money for his project.

Kaya Dreifuss, 10, and her mother, Heather, are living apart from Kaya’s dad, an emergency medicine doctor in Tucson. (Jeffrey Brown/for The Washington Post)