HCW Hosted continues to help health care workers during the pandemic

Dec 18, 2020

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By Ciara Encinas TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — HCW Hosted continues to assist doctors, nurses, and staff during the pandemic.

Dr. Bradley Dreifuss, an ER physician and the co-founder, explains inside our hospitals, healthcare workers seeing the Thanksgiving COVID-19 surge are exhausted.

“We are heartbroken and we’re anxious about how bad it’s going to get after this Christmas [and] New Year’s holiday,” said Dr. Dreifuss, co-founder of HCW Hosted.

That’s where the non-profit he co-founded steps in. HCW Hosted is one of the first of its kind and offers the resources health care workers need and has already helped 170 since starting in April.

“Healthcare workers can only provide health care to the community if they themselves are healthy,” he explained.

He said HCW Hosted is noticing family safety is top of mind for those on the front lines.

“There are some that need housing right now and especially those who have at-risk family members or [are] living with elders, because transmission from health care worker to family is as common as a household illness,” he said.

Since March, the non-profit has already helped 35 healthcare workers secure housing to keep COVID-19 away from their loved ones, according to HCW Hosted.

Another way the organization is helping is by providing mental health resources.

“We have psychological first aid and emotional support,” said Dr. Dreifuss.

You can help by donating online so they can continue their mission of helping the healthcare workers on our front lines and by following COVID-19 protocol.

The power to control the pandemic and to prevent our families and friends from dying from COVID-19 or having a permanent disability really is in the hands of our community,” said Dr. Dreifuss.