Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. HCWs at any stage of COVID-19 infection, whether asymptomatic, symptomatic, pending test results, positive for COVID-19, or tested negative for COVID-19 but at high risk for infection through exposure are eligible for housing.

The goal of HOSTED is to provide housing for healthcare workers exposed to COVID-19 to reduce risk of exposure to families, loved ones, and colleagues at no expense. There are no fees to eligible healthcare workers housed through HOSTED.

  • Cleanliness of the house is of great importance given risk exposure
  • Self-check in should be established to maintain as little contact as possible
  • It’s important to wait 72 hours between reservations to properly disinfect and turn over space (see Airbnb guidelines)
  • Housing near a hospital (place of work)
  • High speed WiFi
  • Exercise capabilities and games/activities within living quarters are ideal but not required
  • Provisions to cook oneself or to have food delivered, as well as laundry facilities are ideal but not required

Basis for Current Understanding & Assumptions

Unlike in many countries, clinicians in the US do not live on hospital grounds or in subsidized hospital/university housing. Many are trying to create plans for trying to minimize exposure risk to cohabitating family members without much evidence-base from which to find their decisions for minimizing exposure risk. Some clinicians are choosing to self-quarantine in hotels or other solitary situations that have the potential to have negative emotional and psychological consequences that will affect their ability to care for patients during this pandemic.

These HCW HOSTED guidelines should be seen as an investment in protecting clinical staff and their families. It will be critical to maintain an active workforce of skilled physicians/clinicians for the duration of the pandemic. The goal is to “flatten the curve” through social distancing and prevention/delay of exposure and spread of COVID-19 within our community. The inherent qualities of COVID-19 necessitate that HOSTED be implemented proactively.