HCW HOSTED: Coordinating Community Support for Healthcare Workers (HCWs) and their families is an initiative created with a threefold mission:

    1. Coordination of comfortable, free and/or affordable housing for health-care workers away from their families.

      All health-care workers including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, environmental specialists and others on the front lines are invited to participate. Those who register with HCW HOSTED will have access to community support resources. We will provide the service of monitoring your health status through daily text messages and/or emails to enable appropriate housing based on your COVID-19 symptoms and/or testing status.

    2. Coordination of support services for health-care worker's families.

      HCW HOSTED provides mental health and wellness support services for the spouses/partners of health-care workers and their children. This website has links to mental health and other support services and information for health-care workers, who can use these services regardless of whether they are participating in housing opportunities.

    3. Coordination community involvement.

      Our initiative is responsive to the feedback of health-care workers. As we learn more about their needs, we will mobilize community resources to respond in constructive and timely ways


Provide temporary housing to the healthcare workforce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic surge & offer physical, psychosocial support, and protection to their families and community


To stop the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly and humanely as possible

Who We Are

The founding consortium for HCW HOSTED is a multi-disciplinary partnership between the University of Arizona (UA), local hospital systems, the Tucson business community, city and county government officials, and concerned citizens.

The consortium’s leadership team at UA consists of emergency room physicians, public health specialists, epidemiologists, public health emergency management specialist, clinical psychologists with teletherapy resources and psychological first aid experience, anthropologists, data scientists, and web developers who are supported by over 30 faculty, staff, and students motivated to launch this initiative immediately to support frontline personnel through the COVID-19 pandemic surge.

Catalytic Team

Mona Arora, Principal Research Specialist & Course Instructor - Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH), University of Arizona

Amy Athey, Executive Director, Student Wellness and Retention, University of Arizona

Charles Brands, Graduate Student, Public Health, MBA, University of Arizona

Stephen Crabbe, Graduate Student, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, University of Arizona

Collin Catalfamo, Doctoral Student, Epidemiology, MEZCOPH, University of Arizona

Bradley Dreifuss, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health, University of Arizona

Heather Dreifuss, MEZCOPH DPH Candidate, University of Arizona

Kate Ellingson, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Infectious Disease Epidemiology - MEZCOPH, University of Arizona

Azad Molla Hosseini, JD, Graduate Student Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona

Sana Khan, Doctoral Student, Epidemiology, MEZCOPH, University of Arizona

Claudia Kelly, Logistics Coordinator, Strategist

Beth Jacobs, MEZCOPH, UA Cancer Center, Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Arizona

Nirav Merchant, Director, Data Science Institute, University of Arizona

Mark Nichter, Regents' Professor and Professor of Anthropology, Public Health, Family Medicine, University of Arizona

Mimi Nichter, Professor of Anthropology, Public Health and Family and Consumer Resources, University of Arizona

Brittany Nigon, MPH, Outreach Coordinator, Arizona AIDS Education & Training Center/ Petersen HIV Clinics, College of Medicine, University of Arizona

Mary-Frances O'Connor, Associate Professor of Psychology; Director of Training in Psychology, University of Arizona

Mark Sundman, Doctoral Candidate, College of Psychology, University of Arizona

Alison Sutton-Ryan, Director of Mental Health Services for GME & UME, University of Arizona

Tyson Lee Swetnam, Assistant Research Professor, CyVerse, BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona

Web Development

Devin Bayly, Research Computer Scientist, University of Arizona

Alex Bigelow, Postdoctoral Researcher, Data Science Fellow, CyVerse, Computer Sciences, University of Arizona

Aiden Fishbein, Hackathon participant

Blake Joyce, Assistant Director, Research Computing, University of Arizona

Sophie Sheeline, Hackathon participant, Mechanical Engineer, FRESH Health

Jordan Thompson, Software Engineer, CyVerse, BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona

Mariah Wall, UI Developer & Graphic Artist, CyVerse, BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona