Wellness Resources

HCW-HOSTED offers free mental health and wellness support to healthcare workers enrolled in the program. Healthcare workers may experience significant physical, psychological, social and financial stress while responding to the COVID19 pandemic.

These stressors are complicated by being physically distanced from loved ones and “normal routines” of coping.

HCW HOSTED’s ICARE Team is offering mental health and wellness services aimed at offering additional support and connection during this time.


Let’s be real – the stress experienced by our healthcare workers could be beyond words. And, this is a long haul. Common reactions from this stress come in many forms (e.g., grief, anxiety, irritability, headaches, confusion, sleep disruption, changes in appetite, etc). On top of this HCW HOSTED workers are away from their loved ones and natural support systems or ‘normal’ coping resources.

We know people are resilient and will bounce back. And, we also know that connection is an antidote for resilience. SO - HCW HOSTED ICARE team’s mission is simple – we offer mental health and wellness supportaimed at promoting connection and mitigating the impact of this stress.


HCW HOSTED ICARE offers mental health support for healthcare workers enrolled in the HCW HOSTED program. Specifically, a group support meeting and individual mental health consultations are available. These meetings are private and confidential.

HCW HOSTED ICARE Team also is available to support HCW HOSTED members in connecting with existing mental health resources availablein the community (e.g., facilitating referrals through insurance providers, healthcare systems EAPs programs, etc.).


Any HCW HOSTED members is eligible to receive ICARE support services.

HCW HOSTED’s ICARE team staffed by licensed mental health provider volunteers who have completed additional training in psychological first aid.


ICARE support meetings occur Mondays at 4pm and Tuesdays at 8pm (AZT). Individual consultations are available by request by emailing info@hcwhosted.org


HCW HOSTED members can join the ICARE meetings online using secured, private video conferencing software.

Your Wellness

HCW HOSTED’s ICARE is dedicated to building out connections to support our members wellness needs. We want to hear from you! Let us know what would help you during this time! An organized yoga session? Or an online bicycling meetup? Contact us on social media (see bottom of page), or email us at info@hcwhosted.org

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Disaster Distress Helpline:


  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    1-800-273-TALK (8255)

  • Physician Support Line:

    A physician (attending, resident, fellow or med student) can call 1-888-409-0141 between the hours of 8am to 1am ET 7 days a week and immediately gets connected to a US licensed psychiatrist to discuss any subject.

  • Psychiatry for All Physicians

    Online closed physician group for all specialties interested in learning about psychiatry.

  • Netflix Watch Party

    Watch a movie in sync with your remote friends, need Netflix app and Chrome browser, as well as Netflix subscription for anyone watching

  • Headspace App

    Paid version currently free to end of year (need NPI #)

  • PFA Mobile (VA) and PFA Tutorial (U. of Minnesota)

    Two apps about administering psychological first aid

  • UCLA Mindfulness App

  • ACT Companion: The Happiness Trap

    This free app, The ACT Companion: The Happiness Trap, will be available for free for the next few months. One of the creators is Russ Harris who is a very respected ACT therapist in Australia. Just use the code “TOGETHER” on the subscription page. (ACT stands for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a relative new form of CBT that we practice a lot in our office)

  • Liberate

    A relatively new meditation app for people of color. It includes talks and meditations led by fabulous teachers, including Ruth King, Gina Sharpe, and Sebene Selassie.

  • Peloton

    Use of app extended to 90 days (usually 14 days)—it’s amazing, you can use on treadmill, outdoor runs, bike, lots of floor exercise, yoga and meditation

  • Pure Barre on Demand

    60-day free trial (usually 30 days), click on 30-day trial, use promo code EXTENDEDTRIAL and trial will go to 60 days and $0

  • Free Barre Fitness Classes

    Link to YouTube videos

  • Daily Burn

    30-day free streaming trial