Here we attempt to provide as much information as possible, so that you can set up a HOSTED network in YOUR local community

Community Health Providers

We are working with local city and county health departments, a state university, and private and public hospitals to coordinate our response and to provide housing.


Connecting with your local hotels, extended stay, and housing rental groups is critical

We have worked directly with our state university, VISIT Tucson, and national hosting services to find available housing in our local area


We are using a combination of WhatsApp, Trello, Slack, and GitHub to communicate internally with our web development team.

Our surveys are privately managed by Qualtrics and REDCap to maintain privacy of our enrolled HCW.

Our website is currently developed on GitHub

We are using the Creative Commons Zero license meaning you are welcome to clone our repository and reuse the website for your own HOSTED community.

Our internal communications currently are in Slack

Web Presence & Social Media

We are using Twitter to send messages publicly

We are using SMS text messages in collaboration with AZCOVIDTXT